Your Wedding is unique. At Taltos, we shoot and produce to your personalities, capturing the emotion of the day, the laughter, the tears, all the fun from start to finish. All your footage is edited into a production that you will love to watch. We begin by editing the Pre-Ceremony music video style, to your choice of music. For your Ceremony, we use a wireless Lave mic, usually on the groom, to capture your vows directly into the video camera. Your Ceremony video is left complete. We never edit it unless you ask it to be edited. Everything after your Ceremony is edited music video style like the Pre-Ceremony. Pre-Ceremony, Ceremony and Post-Ceremony are edited into a one of a kind finished video production. We do nothing "Cookie Cutter", we don't use templates. All finished productions are copied to USB Flash Drive.

Above is a video sample for your viewing. To view more of our work, please use this YouTube link which will take you to our Wedding Playlist on YouTube.

Our "Ceremony Only" is a simple package. It features an hour of coverage at one location. If needed, you can add up to two additional hours at $150 per hour. Also, if more than one location is needed, each extra location is available for $100.

For weddings on Monday - Thursday with one camera the cost is $550.

For weddings on Friday - Sunday, with one camera the cost is $650.

A second camera can be added for $150 per hour.

For the Single's Dance, 1 video camera is used to capture your Pre-Ceremony, Ceremony and Reception.

Up to 6 hours of coverage is included. An additional 2 hours can be added at $150 per hour.

One location is included in this package, but an additional location is available at $100.

The Couple's Dance features two HD video cameras for Pre-Ceremony and Ceremony, then 1 video camera for Reception.

Up to 6 hours of coverage is included and you can add up to 2 additional hours at $150 per hour.

The finished production is edited to your choice of music and a Black & White Re-cap is included.

One loaction is included. If you need additional locations, they can be added at $100 per location.

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